My anthology

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A letter for my mother : an anthology

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Wayward Drift, My Contribution to the For The Men Anthology

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Anthology Tuesday: PROEM for Twelve – Kindra M. Austin

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Paul D. Marks “There’s an Alligator in My Purse” We’ll have more news about the anthology (including the cover) soon! *This isn’t a new short story, but rather an excerpt from one of LB’s books that is specifically relevant to St. Petersburg, Florida Click here to register now!.

Warner Music Group presents an exciting and comprehensive 4CD boxset charting the soul sensation Donny Hathaway's short but compelling career. Anthology's research practice has the largest focus group facility in Hawaii to help your business make decisions.

The famed country performer is working on an eight-episode anthology series for Netflix based on her music, the streamer announced on Monday. Parton will serve as singer and songwriter for the. Best New Poets is an annual anthology of 50 poems from emerging writers.

Each spring, we accept program and magazine nominations and then hold an open competition. The book is featured in the University of Virginia Press calalogue. It is more than possible that my own reluctance to endorse that tradition by way of a standard anthology in my classroom is a symptom of this very problem.

Robert Lecker. Keepers of The Code: English-Canadian Literary Anthologies and the Representation of Nation.

My anthology
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Anthology of American Folk Music (2 of 5): An Epiphany - American Heritage Music