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List of countries by GDP (nominal)

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Brief Introduction

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Funded and private pensions

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Sovereign Wealth FundsVIEW Sovereign Wealth Funds VIEW America, Europe, MENA Pensions VIEW Asia Pacific and Superannuation Funds VIEW Endowments VIEW Central. Among the employers joining the scheme, about 90 percent already have a private pension plan and about 10 percent are setting up a central provident fund system for the first time.

South Korea’s Simone Accessories Collection, which once operated five factories in the southern Chinese city, agrees to workers’ demands on pension and housing provident funds.

The Global Pension Statistics Project measures and monitors the pension industry, allowing inter-country comparisons of current statistics and indicators on key aspects of retirement systems.

Corporate Services: Through years of hard work, Macau Insurance Company Limited and Macau Pension Fund Management Company Limited have established a solid reputation and a substantial share in the local market.

We have been actively involved in major projects that shaped the outlook of Macau. Manulife (Macau) Pension Fund Scheme provides 6 open pension fund choices. Enjoy more customization, flexibility & diversity based on your retirement needs.

Macau pension fund
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