Gibson gregory perception

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Visual Perception Theory

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Gregory’s indirect theory of perception and Gibson’s direction theory of perception had led to the debate of nature-nurture.

Richard Gregory

This is a big debate in Psychology whether perception is determined by genetics as proposed by Gibson’s theory or whether it is learnt or determined by upbringing and social context as proposed by Gregory’s theory.

1 THEORIES OF PERCEPTION In order to receive information from the environment we are equipped with sense organs eg eye, ear, nose. Each sense organ is part of a sensory system which receives sensory inputs and.

This controversy is discussed with respect to Gibson () who has proposed a direct theory of perception which is a 'bottom-up' theory, and Gregory () who has proposed a constructivist (indirect) theory of perception which is a 'top.

James Jerome Gibson (/ ˈ ɡ ɪ b s ən /; January 27, – December 11, ), was an American psychologist and one of the most important contributors to the field of visual challenged the idea that the nervous system actively constructs conscious visual perception, and instead promoted ecological psychology, in which the .

Gibson gregory perception
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Gestalt Theory of Visual Perception