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Tmbu B.A. And B.ed Results 2018 – 2017 – 2016 – 2015

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Odd Semester Results - 2016

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Breast on submit button The results will help on the introductory Download the result and build out for further reference. A minimum of two semesters of lecture and one semester of laboratory associated with one of the courses, or two semesters of combined (3 credit) lecture.

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BA & BCOM OF SXC (RAGHABPUR) SEMESTER – VI, For those who want to apply for Review, the rules are as follows: Students may ask for a Review in not more than the papers given below Department Semester Total number of papers allowed for Review VI 1 B.A./ VI 2 Review is not allowed for Practical papers.

Revised Syllabus for Bachelor of Arts Programme Department of English Faculty of Arts The BA course in English shall comprise six semesters of 60 credits. Semesters I SEMESTER VI Eng.C History of English Literature II (3 credits).

SEMESTERS I TO VI SESSION Workload: Theory: 4 Hours per Paper per Week Tutorials: ½ Hour per Paper per Week (SEMESTER I) Course Name of Paper M. Marks Theory Int. Ass. Time I Introduction to Poetry and Related Literary Terms 80 20 3 Hrs Semester-1 Course V Elective-I (O ne Elective subject from the B.A.

Pass Course Syllabus). Ghasidas University (GGV) II, IV, VI, VIII semesters MA,,, MBA, MCA, case-vacanze-bologna-centro.comcy, BA, BCom, BA LLB exam time table of May is expected to submit Theory exam in June GGU Bilaspur UG / PG / integrate semesters during the test schedule detailed examination tables together in due course will be awarded.

Music – BA

1= To be chosen from the Univer sity-Wide General Edu ca tion Approved Course List. Three hours of general edu ca tion must be upper-di vi sion outside the major. Three hours of general edu ca tion must be upper-di vi sion outside the major.

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