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Logistic Air FreightCargo & Transportation WordPress Theme. LOGISTIC is pleased to be able to provide you with an accurate and timely rate for the shipping of your goods. SOUTHWEST ASIA -- Air transportation specialists with the nd Expeditionary Logistic Readiness Squadron fulfills an important role in military missions by loading, unloading, and preparing supplies and equipment for transportation.

Company Name: Logistic Air: Address: D 6th Floor, Block D, No 2 Jalan PIJ 1A/7A Oasis Square, Ara Damansara Selangor D. E. - Malaysia: Tel. We offer clients optimum supply chain solutions and provide innovative logistics services through both our worldwide networks established in Japan and the other 88 branches in 24 countries across Europe, Asia and America and the express network of TA-Q-BIN courier service.

ASIA SHIPPING & LOGISTICS EXPRESS Air Freight Forwarding Services for Import or Export Cargo provide a complete solution for US importers and exporters. We are an IATA/CNS licensed Air Forwarder since and a TSA approved Indirect Air Carrier (IAC).

We have been an IATA/CNS licensed agent for over 40 years. About Us. Founded in by Mr Kelvin Lim, PLG started modestly as a freight forwarding company and has grown to a company size of over employees throughout Asia and Europe.

Air asia logistic
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The History of The United States Logistics Group (TUSLOG)