Account of the case of palsgraph v long island railroad company

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Palsgraf v. Long Island R.R.

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Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad: Understanding Scope of Liability

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Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Company

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Palsgraf v Long Island Railroad Co.

J. Plaintiff was standing on a platform of defendant's railroad after buying a ticket to go to Rockaway Beach. Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co., N.Y.N.E.

99 (), is a leading case in American tort law on the question of liability to an unforeseeable New York Court of Appeals.

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Facts. Mrs. Palsgraf (Plaintiff) was standing on a platform after she bought a ticket from Long Island R.R. (Defendant). Two men ran to catch a train that was pulling out from the platform. Facts Edit. A man was getting on to a moving train owned by the Long Island Railroad Company.

Seeming unsteady, two workers of the company tried to assist him onto the train and accidentally knocked his parcel out of his In this case, there was nothing to indicate that the package contained fireworks, and if dropped, would cause an explosion.

The guards, who were assisting the passenger on the train, were negligent in doing so, and caused the package to be dislodged, which fell causing an explosion. Long Island Railroad Company Michael J.

Palsgraf v Long Island Railroad Co.

Roberts Liberty University Palsgraf v. Long Island Rail Company is a case where the plaintiff, Ms. Palsgraf, was on one end of a train platform when a package was knocked out of the hands of another passenger who was attempting to board a moving train with the assistance of a guard, the defendant, on the.

Account of the case of palsgraph v long island railroad company
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Palsgraf v Long_Is_RR